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Week 4 Run 1 & 2

Ok so I did W4 R1 on Monday. I was so sceptical that I'd be able to run for 5 minutes, never mind do it twice plus two 3 minute runs. Where I live is unavoidably hilly but I tried as best I could to plan the route so hills were kept to a minimum. I mean I do like a challenge, but I don't want to go home feeling like a failure!

By the end of the first 5 minutes my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest, and my legs felt more like leaden stumps.

FYI, the difference between 3 minutes and 5 minutes is NOT 2 minutes. It's an eternity.

BUT... I completed all of the run and I felt great...for a few seconds. I swiftly realised that my phone wasn't behaving like a phone should - more like a phone possessed. Random opening of apps and constant vibration! Eek! Apparently these new phones don't have removable batteries - only discovered that after 20 minutes of desperately trying to take the back off the phone to make it stop acting like a demon.

Anyway, the phone seems to be ok now. The actual point of the story is that the phone episode kind of overshadowed my victory. I made sure I gave myself a mental pat on the back later on in the day though.

I'd planned to go out for the second run on Wednesday evening, but when the time came round we were in the middle of funnel clouds over the sea, thunder and lightning and road closures due to flooding. So I went out on Thursday night instead for W4 R2. And it was challenging but surprisingly easier than the first time. I tried to log it with Endomondo but the satellite signal must have been bad as it only picked up half the run and completely distorted the numbers so it looked like I was running 7 minute miles LMAO!

I'm in work today and going to a party tonight, so W4 R3 will have to wait until tomorrow. And I'll need to keep the alcoholic beverages to a minimum this evening!

Quite scared about starting W5 as they're different every time. Not sure what to expect - I don't really like to listen ahead as it just acts as a deterrent! However, I know that this program has so far been challenging but totally achievable so I anticipate more of the same.

I can't even describe how proud I am of myself for doing this. It struck me that I haven't run for 5 whole minutes since school around 12 years ago, and I certainly never thought I'd be running in public without being forced into it.

Someone asked me what my motivation to do Couch to 5k is. My answer was that I don't like that I can't run, so I want to be able to do it. It's a challenge. The stress management, improved fitness and potential weight loss are just lovely little bonuses!

Off to work I go...

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Congratulations and enjoy week 5 - it's all good!


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