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Week 4 Run 1...starting to think I really can do this!

Just home from a morning run, the first of week 4. I cannot believe how "good" I feel, not only "in myself" but also "about myself" ... If you get my point?

Having never been a runner, just a very casual gym goer a good few years back, the first week of this Program was a complete shock to my system. I had aches everywhere! I do still ache after but it's more of a healthy ache rather than a "good grief what have I done ache".

At the end of the podcast Laura says that I should be proud of having completed the run...I am very proud. I really do think that not only I can and will do this BUT I will enjoy it too!

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Well done. It's a great feeling isn't it. I'm a returning runner (stopped over 20 years ago) but I remember the feel good feelings and I'm enjoying it too


Well done thats excellent me to total non runner I graduated last week found really help with the stress level and its my time :) xx


Agree completely about the programme, Debsie! It's done a huge amount for my self esteem as well as my fitness and health. I feel stronger emotionally as a person and less concerned about what other people might be thinking about me - have wasted enough years on that! Best wishes! You can do this and you def should be very proud of yourself!


Absolutely brilliant post, I fully agree, this programme has given me a huge boost both physically and mentally.

Well done on your progress.


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