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Taking stock

I start c25k in April graduated in the summer continued until a chesty cold stopped me for 4 weeks. By that time I had just started using the 5 k+ podcasts. I went back after my cold to week 5 and did those lovely intervals and have worked up to 25 mins without stopping. Trouble is I have a new job and I am struggling with time and energy. I dare not get too tired as I need to be on the bal,l but I am only finding time to run twice a week and Friday night I ran for 30 mins but had a little rest at 20 mins. Ths isn't how it used to be, I know I need to keep running to keep the stress levels down, but I do get tired as its so hard to improve.

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Don't worry mrslazy, you will get your mojo back. Sounds like you have had lots of other things going on so its understandable that you feel tired.

I'm sure the change in weather and daylight hours isn't helping any of us either and I am also down to a couple of runs a week at the minute. (I am finding it hard to get out in the dark, our village is on a part-lighting operation so they don't come on until 6.30am, not good when you need to leave for work at 7.30!!)

Keep plugging away when you can, maybe use your own music or an audiobook to add variety, and I'm sure you'll find that your stamina soon builds back up.

Good luck :)


Thank you doggymum, you are right, just keep plugging away. I admire your early start, all though I wake early I can't imagine leaving my bed for a run before work now the weather is not so great. You are truly committed. X


Don't worry too much about improving Mrslazy because if you keep at 2 or 3 runs a week at 30 minutes, even with a short walk break, you will improve anyway. You're doing really well to fit the runs in when you're tired and have the stresses of a new job, so I take my hat off to you.


Thank you for your kind words, I know it hasn't been great for you either with your injury. I think you were running more than me but we both know that life with running is so much better than without it. So I will not give up, I love the buzz afterwards even if I'm not going the distance that I used to manage the buzz is still there. X


I think it is tougher this time of year and if you have had a nasty cold that can really knock you back especially combined with a new job, which causes physical and mental tiredness.

Try taking some echinacea to boost your immune system and if you have a walk/run run then fine - at least you are off your butt doing something. Once you adapt to your new job things will get easier too - trying to take on board new info and routines can really exhaust people. (well me any way!!!)

Just keep going and even 2 runs a week is 2 runs more than you were doing in before April!!! Its easy to forget how far we have all come to graduate from C25K.

Good luck.


I hadn't heard of echinacea tea be before, I will look it up and probably get it in Holland and Barrett I expect. Thanks and I will just plod on. X


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