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Week 7 run 3 - my legs are a bit worn out now!

Wasn't able to do a morning run today due to having a course this morning (which I do cycle 5 miles to get to) so ran when I got back. Had too many clothes on (didn't need the short sleeve top on top on the long sleeved one tbh) plus took a route with a upward slope which was a bit of a tactical error.

But enjoyed my own music again and managed to improve my 5k time down to 28 min 10 seconds (a whole 5 seconds off :-) )So next week I think I'll have a try at getting down to 28 minutes as that's what I'll be meant to be running.

Legs now very stiff - think I'll have a nice bath later (after the children and I eat Friday night pizza :-)

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I just cant believe you are managing that time at W7 - that's awesome!! Well done you and welcome to W8!


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