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Just back from W3R3

And for those of you who read my last blog, I didn't eat the chicken burger on the way home! Ha ha! Also started using endomondo, and bit disappointed that I managed 3km in total, the app told me I was covering 1km in 10min - which begs the question how will I cover 5km in 30 mins - more to the point how will I cover 30 min.

I have to say I've found the W3 runs pretty ok, not easy by far but not majorly difficult.

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My week 4 run 1 covered 3.2 km, I'm quite a slow runner. I think your speed increases the further you get into the programme as you get used to running.

Good luck :)


Just focus on running for the time at the moment, never stress about your speed! I think mine is probably alot slower than some people but for me being able to run for X amount of time is much more important than how long it takes me to cover a certain distance :) keep going you're doing great :)


Hi, runningnewbie. I have a bit of an issue with Endomondo too at times. The other morning I went out for a run with my reluctanthusband (was a reluctant runner but is now training for his first 10k on 3rd Nov!). He uses a programme (can't remember what it's called) to map and measure his runs. We ran 5k according to his programme but my Endomondo only measured it at 4.66k with a 10 min km and the rest being 7 something minutes! So we reckoned that the satellite had disappeared into clouds or something else technical like that! Good luck for week 4!


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