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What foods should we be eating?

OK I know i'm only on week 6 so not a long distance runner or anything but although the running is going well. I'm finding myself more and more tired to the point of exhaustion.

I sleep well, eat reasonably well, I'm about the right weight according to my BMI, I have no medical conditions I'm just tired.

I'm beginning to think it's all the extra energy i've been using and it's just draining me.

Are there any specific foods, meals ideas or tips anyone can give. I feel like i'm missing something but i'm not sure what

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If you go to the NHS choices 'live well' section there is excellent help with food choices including a helpful 'eatwell' plate diagram explaining a healthy balanced diet and also a 5 a day meal planner which includes recipes and shopping lists, which I have found, as a busy mum of 4, to be a great resource. Lack of energy could well be from not eating enough carbohydrate or a diet low in fruit and veg (low iron for example). The trend at the moment is to eat more protein and low carbs but this is not recommended long term and is certainly not good if you are exercising.

Hope this helps!


Thanks TJFlute I'll have a peek.


The other thing to watch out for is iron absorption. Iron is a tricky so-and-so and quite a few things inhibit uptake, or are iron-rich but not very bioavailable. Little tweaks like ensuring you have a source of Vitamin C with an iron source, and avoid drinking tea with/straight after your meal.

When you say 'about the right weight' do you mean top half or bottom half of your healthy BMI range? It might be worth looking at when you run to see if that makes a difference. Could be something else up though, so keep an eye on it.


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