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Well how pathetic was that?

I knew I wasn't really in the zone when I went out for the first of the week 9 runs, but it was my night for running and didn't want to miss out. Now usually in the week I get home from work and go straight out. Last night being what it was, I cooked hubby's tea as he had a very early meeting... you know the sort - in from work, eat food, out to meeting! and then being a Thursday I knew my son would need a lift to rugby training, but I decided I'd have enought time to run first. I then went on the most boring route imaginable. Oh, and the cold has come out but I'm ok, lots of sneezing and runny nose syndrome :p So I really wasn't there and shouldn't have gone until after I'd dropped off at training. 10 minutes into the run that was it, I'd had enough and walked all the way home.... I did my 30 minutes of exercise (surprising how far you actually run!) but it wasn't a good night. I have a meeting tonight so run 1 will have to wait until Saturday morning, really so not happy, but I will get there :(

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its not pathetic, it's called life and it sometimes gets in the way. But you know by tomorrow morning you will be fine, you will have picked yourself up, had an extra day of rest and be raring to go. I doubt this is the first hiccup you've had during the programme (lucky you if it is!).

You'll see, I bet you have a great 1st run of Week 9 tomorrow, go for it! :-D


I so agree with vixiej-that was running through my mind when i was reading your blog Sharyn. You will do it-I just know. You have to anyway to stay one ahead of me, Ha! Ha!

Hope the run went well-you will have done it by now and basking in the good factor feel.

Colette :-)


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