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was this run really only 4.46K?

Yesterday I ran 4.46K, which I should be pleased with, but it felt much further, and I thought I should have easily done 5K ): It was a nice run because my daughter ran from her house and met me along the canal path...yes, that was a mistake because it's still very churned up and muddy, at times I felt as if I was doing the long jump! I was satisfied though and I'll deffo do it again. Tomorrow, I'm just going to run more locally. I have to give myself a stern talkiing to because I know that if Sarah hadn't been with me, I would have stopped and that would not be good! Still, I am looking forward to running tomorrow and that's good.

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What do mean 'only 4.46'?! That's a really good distance especially along muddy paths! I find it really difficult to find any sort of rhythm at all when trying to avoid puddles and mud so I would have given up on your run, daughter or no daughter! Well done, stayinbed!


Thank you very much oona!


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