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Week9Run2: only one more to go

I can't really call it disaster but it's the only time I have almost called it off and said it can wait till tomorrow. All over a missed call and a foolish decision to stop and ring back with at least 6 minutes and 1k already done. (I'd forgotten my wife had a parents' evening and she'd forgotten I had my W9R2 tonight!!) I wasn't well pleased but decided that I would just get on and do it again from the start.

It took me a bit of time to get Laura back to where she was meant to be at the start of the run and reset Endomondo. And then, off I went. The psychology of this running business is quite something though. I thought, I'll just do 5 minutes then go out tomorrow instead. But I knew I'd still have a longer walk back home. Then I got to the 2k mark and thought I will keep going, but still the doubts would creep in and nag at me. Needless to say I did keep going and now it's only my graduation run on Sunday.

I'd say, wish me luck, but I think Laura has prepared me well enough to get through one more 30 minute run. Thanks all you fellow C25k bloggers. Keep running!

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It sounds as though the gremlins have been at work tonight but you kicked them to the kerb! The graduation badge is in sight! Good luck!


Oh no, so you have gremlins too? Good luck with the run this evening-I'm so sure you will do it janda.

Good luck.

Colette x


Tremendous news Janda and well done. Looking forward to your post graduation blog.


Good for you continuing with your run! It amazes me how much psychology there is to running. On some of my runs I bargain with myself continuously... you can stop anytime, just make it to the five minute mark, almost half way, now half way and the second half is always easier... this is the five minute left mark, might as well finish it now and on and on...

Gremlins I suppose, well done overcoming them and good luck with your last run!


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