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My c25k restart

So, earlier this year I got up to week7 on c25k and then with new job and moving and everything (after taking a few weeks off for a dodgy knee) and the whole plan fell by the wayside.

Last Sunday I decided to see where I was at, so I did week 1 to see where I was at. And managed it really well.

Tuesday I did week2 run to see how that felt, and again, pretty good and starting to feel it a bit.

Tonight (thursday) I did week 3, and I had a big grin when I managed the first 3 min run.. felt so good to just be running and not so stop-start, and was well recovered after about 90secs so the 3 min walk good though. Did end up taking a wrong turn on my route (running in a new town, you are going to get lost!). I'm impressed I ran so well considering I had hardly any sleep the night before and two shifts back to back. I felt amazing after that run!

So I think I'll redo week 3 another 2times (dont want to get too cocky about it) and build up my stamina a bit more... or if i'm still in my comfort zone do I try week 4??

And trying not to eat like a horse at home this evening after work and running lol.

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Well done on your runs, and also for coming back to it after having to take such a long break! Take it steady with the runs. The time will soon pass and your body will steadily build up its fitness again. :-)


It's great you're back on the programme. Running round your new home town will be good for getting to know it really quickly, so a double benefit!


First of all well done! Second, I would complete week 3 "properly" if I were you. I'll tell you why. Like you I had to stop after an injury (see my blogs) and after 6 weeks I deliberately started from week 3 which I found ludicrously easy. But I'm glad I did it because weeks 3 and 4 built up my stamina properly. Now that I am on Week 5, it's just about right. I think I'd have flunked it if I'd pushed myself right away. Take it slowly miranda. The park and pavements are not going anywhere! Good luck!


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