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Don't listen to the voices - that way lies maaaadnesssss!!

The weather forecast predicted a brief lull in the torrential rain we have had the entire holiday week, so the pressure was really on to get W5R3 done this morning.

It was tough, no doubt about it. I just managed it by the lycra in my leggings. I was going so slowly that at some points, I wasn't sure I was even moving at all!

I think it helped that I planned my route - up until now I have been deciding on a general direction and either turning back halfway through the podcast, or doing another lap if I had some time left before the end.

I did have a lot of sticky moments. I was so close to giving it up as a bad job a good few times. The less said about 10 to about 14 minutes the better! Ignore your brain whispering (eventually screaming) that you can try again another time - just keep going!!

I survived and so will you (if you haven't already done so!) After all, I am the one who has trouble finding running gear big enough to encapsulate my hefty hips and tum!

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Well down you! I think apart from graduating that was the point I felt most proud of myself that dreaded 20 minute run, my other half has just completed it this week too it's an amazig feeling so well done. Good luck for the rest of the plan it just keeps getting better! Xxx


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