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30 mins = 2.23 miles

First run of week 9 completed. No records for speed, but I managed the 30mins!!!!!! YIPPEE. Started off really well, perhaps going a bit to well to begin with and maybe a little fast, as did have to slow down quite a bit and at one point felt like I was running in slow motion!! Still, its one down, 2 more to go. I am not worried about the distance at the moment, I am quite happy in doing the 30 mins for now. Hope to do a Parkrun after I graduate, then I will have a time for doing 5k that I can work on lowering. At the moment, I estimate that I would finish in about 40 mins, and that would put me at about 180th out of the 196 runners at my last local race.

Still chuffed with what I did though!.

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Well done - that green shiny badge is very close now


I know..... had hoped to have it by now, but know it will be worth it all in the end


Caro...I am slow too...LOOK! We are running 30 minutes! YIPPEE!! I am getting the wine chilled for your grad post! :-)


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