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The toy poodle and I - first run

Took our little toy poodle Toffee for a slow 2.5k jog today. I've always wanted to run with her but thought I'll work on my fitness first as I could just visualise a disaster happening with a hyperactive piece of fluff and a puffed out me..

Wish I did it months ago (felt the same about c25k). It was so much fun to have a little buddy. We did not go far or fast as I want to built her up gradually.

Here's to happy dog running days! My friend gave me one of her doggie run leads that has a curly part and a velcro bit that fasten around your wrist - worked a treat!

(I did check with the vet as she is very active but only about 9lb.)

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I have a VERY hyper springer who accompanies me on almost every run now! it's the only way to wear him out lol x


AW what a great post, here's to many more happy runs together x


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