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Week 3: Run 1

I want to say firstly that I am amazed at the level of support that is generated from this community- it is so inspiring and everyone is so generous with sharing their experiences and tips. A lot of sports based communities can feel clicky and overly competitive but the running mob just seem to be in it for fun and the more the merrier. That is awesome in my book!

Last night was my first run of week three and I feel really pumped (and a little scared) to tackle the three minute intervals. I had a great experience. I got through the 90sec with no trouble and then pushed through the first three minutes while focussing on my breathing. I have been having some pain in my left leg since starting and what I realised last night was that I have been over striding. I shortened my steps for the last half of the run and managed to complete the last three minutes without any pain and I noticed the beginnings of a rhythm!!! I had absolutely no breath left but I was so pleased. Three minutes :) yay.

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well done you! I found week 3 to be an absolute killer so glad you found your stride early on


Yay! Week 3 and the 3 minutes seemed like an eternity for me also but I've just completed the week this morning. Well done and hope to hear more as the weeks go on. SB x


Very well done to you Lifewithouthecouch!


Thanks all :)


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