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W2R1 frustrating stint on the "dreadmill"! But I did it!

Annoyingly I could not get the television on the treadmill to go off. This was very distracting. But on reflection, the mere fact that I was more distracted by that, and less distracted by trying to run, is probably a good sign!

I have tried doing the C25k outside but there are so many reasons why I prefer to stick to the treadmill at the moment. I know that I am less likely to back out of it in the controlled and predictable gym environment. This means I will achieve my fitness goals in the foreseeable future. Once I have done this and I am able to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill, I will start incorporating outside runs again, even if that means returning to earlier weeks of C25k. Let's face it, useful though it is, the treadmill is just plain boring.

Still, I completed my run. I am happy. To be able to run for 90 seconds and be distracted by something outside myself is a great achievement for me!

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Whatever works, mummyluvsyoo! As you say, if it gets you to the point where you feel able and happy to run outside, then it's working. You'll run outside when you feel ready to, until then you're off the couch and doing the programme - more than the majority.


Thank you - that is exactly how I see it. I know some people believe that the treadmill is not "real" running - but it certainly feels like running to me!


if the treadmill didn't have a motor it would be less "assisted" I feel.


Well as I am trying to lose 28 lbs I will take all the "assistance" I can get right now! I'll leave the athletics for when I am lighter!


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