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After my groin injury last week, I felt pretty fed up and not a little defeated. It would have been really easy to say that this running malarky is not for me, just look how dangerous it is!

Thankfully I took all the lovely comments and advice on board and re-started last night where I had left off. Week 2 Run 1 all done and it was amazing!! Thanks guys!! xx

It was, of course, hard going but not nearly as tricky as I had imagined. For some reason the 90 second runs felt a little easier than the 60 second ones, I did wonder whether this was because there were less of them?

One query though, Laura suggests running with the heel hitting the ground first. My understanding is that this is a bad way to run? Any advice?

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Not sure about the heel first thing - I just let my feet do what they want!

Feel better that you have returned after an injury and it's not been too bad. I've done something to my ankle so not running this week. Hopefully can start again Saturday. It's good to hear that others have done similar and have bounced back. Thanks.


Bad luck on the ankle injury, Give yourself enough time to recover properly, I think I left it for a full week before I ventured out again.

I should imagine that you too will be able to pick up where you left off, if I can anyone can! Where are you up to?


great news on picking yourself up and getting back out there, its a good feeling, well done!

I'm no expert, but I think it's generally considered inadvisable to strike with the heel first, as I understand it can lead to shin splints and other injuries. I personally land on the balls of my feet (almost flat footed) and since I've been doing this programme have not suffered any shin pains, etc (I have suffered in the past, even on relatively short runs, but I think this programme is really good for slowely building muscle strength around the joints)

I expect you'll get some more knowledgeable answers in the next day or so. Good luck with the next run, keep it up :-)


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