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Week 3, run 2 - done and dusted!

Well that's me back from work and straight onto the treadmill. I found this run passed really quickly as I was mainly thinking about how I was going to present some data for a job at work and was running through all sorts of permeatations in my head - better get them written down before I forget! :)

I actually find the walk at the end of this session a little on the boring side as its 3 minutes plus the warm down walk so it does seem to go on and on and on. But all said it was very do-able and I enjoyed the session. Looking forward to Saturday and finishing week 3.

Hope my fellow week 3ers are doing ok. x

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I also find that if I'm busy thinking other stuff through makes the run go past much quicker. It sounds as though you are making good progress through the programme. I'm just waiting for my shiny, green badge to appear beside my name! Good luck for the rest of the runs!


Thanks Oona. x


:-) :-) :-) Almost to week 4! Great going! ;-)


I know!! I've surprised myself. Really enjoying it so far. I know from what others have said that weeks 4 and 5 start to ramp it up a bit. A bit apprehensive but my motto is "nothing ventured, nothing gained"!

Thanks for keeping an eye on my progress. It is appreciated. x


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