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I'm back!

Well after 6 months after I completed the programme and 5 months since my last run I decided it was time to get back to it.

I have decided to run the whole pod cast series again and ran my 1st run of week 1 on Monday it felt quite good and made me think I should skip to week 3 or 4. I eventually decided to keep to the whole programme as I believe it may make me fitter and come towards week 9 I should be far better off than last time around. Thoughts please?

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I think increasing gradually is probably the better way to go. I tried to increase my distance too quickly and ended up missing a few weeks due to an injury that is still niggling several weeks later. Be patient and build up gently. Well done for getting back on track !


Welcome back! I think you're right, building back up from the start is the way to go. It would be awful if you did too much and injured yourself because you hadn't built back up again. Enjoy the early runs and prepare for the tougher ones you know are on the horizon :)


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