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Week 6 Run 3. And my first run in the rain!

It's been showering all day - so much I had to run between my car and the place where I had my job interview this morning - about a twenty yard sprint! I would've loved to run late evening (about 9), but I'm going out and would probably be exhausted...

So I looked outside, saw the rain had temporarily gotten lighter, got ready, and went for it.... but not before I had planned a route that I estimated I could get round in 25 minutes. I was bang on the mark with that (well, I actually ran a couple of hundred metres more).

My right calf is a bit tense - it feels more or less just like cramp, and I'm sure the pain will go away soon. And I've got a redux of an old pain in my right ankle, which just tells me I've been on my feet too long. It'll pass :)

I actually quite enjoyed it in the rain

I set off wearing tights (water-repellent), cycling top (breathable and you don't really notice rain - probably because of the sweat!, old rugby top, and fleeced-buff. The buff gets taken off just before or after the run has started; the rugby top comes off as and when - today it was 12 minutes in.

I've now broken my fear of running in the rain. I don't know why I was scared. The only annoying thing I can think of about running in the rain is that the rain helps sweat on the brow to run down into my eyes.. but this was only *really* bad when I was warming-down. And i guess it can happen with ANY good work-out. Apart from swimming - (can you sweat while swimming?)

Breathing was a bit of a problem from the off, I managed a 3/3 (breathe in for three steps, breathe out for three steps) pattern for the first couple of minutes, but then it just confused me, and I resorted to a cross between 2/2 and fairly uncontrolled patterns. Maybe I wasn't prepared mentally enough. I kept on thinking about it, but my breathing never got into a good flow for much longer than a couple of minutes :( hey-ho.

I still managed the whole route, with a consistent and faster pace than when I started running on this program. Total distance: 4.33km :)

Do I enjoy running? Not really, at least not when I'm actually running. I do love the sense of achievement and surprising myself with distances or even the ability to keep going... and the warmness of a shower when I get back and dried!

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So far I've managed to keep clear of the rain (other than a wee drizzle) but I'm going to try one of the 5k+ podcasts tomorrow and the forecast isn't great! Think I'm going to have to do what you've done and just go for it! I agree completely with the sense of achievement and the good feeling when it's over - worth all the pain?! Yes! Best wishes for the rest of the programme.


Hey-hey - well done, Hector's House. Running in the rain with injuries, on a day when you had a job interview and where tired. That's dedication ... and you know how the song goes, eh (if you remember Hector's House, you must remember Record Breakers!).


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