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5x50 day 39 (ouch)

Got up early and did a 5k on the treadmill before my appointment. Thank god because today's treatment was SO painful. It was 2.5 hours ago and I still have the bite marks on my thumb where I had to bite down with the pain. Think I will seriously have to rethink the whole running/walking for the next few months as the physio says I am exacerbating the tear in the Achilles. So from now it will be on the gym bike or swimming. Swimming isn't something I do well but will persevere.

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Oh no, sorry to hear both that today's treatment was so painful and that you'll have to cut back on running/walking. But if you can keep up your fitness level with cycling and swimming then you know you;ll be able to return to running when your Achilles is repaired.


I set off to do a geocaching bike ride. But it was cold ~1°C. I was wearing my Ron hill tracksters and as I have a 1 km free-wheeling whizz downhill from the house, my legs got cold right from the start. I'll need to get some winter cycling tights.

After looking for two caches, I realised it was too cold for stopping and searching and my hands were really cold with taking my gloves off to fiddle with my GPS and sign the log books in the caches. I felt really chilled in general, so gave up and came home early. I managed 15 km on the bike.

I'm finally warmed up now one hour after getting home.


It's bloody horrible outside, I walked at lunch with an umbrella so I did my distance but I really resented doing it today.

This should have been a Spring or Summer challenge.

Somehow really tired today too, feel bad about moaning as I haven't had torture done to my Achilles today, but still, moan, grumble grizzle.


I am consoling myself with a very large box of Maltesars....too early in the week for a mojito! Gym bag ready for tomorrow in the hope I can at least cycle.....Have 11 days to clock up 157k to reach my personal challenge of 500k.

Totally agree that it should be a spring/summer challenge!


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