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Bruised coccyx anyone?!

Last week I rather stupidly managed to fall down the stairs and, as a result, I have a badly bruised coccyx.

I am desperately missing going for my runs and I really want to get back out there as soon as I can as I was making real progress and had just started attending Parkruns.

When I asked the doctor when I could run again he just said 'whenver you're ready'....Sitting down for long periods is still causing me discomfort but walking seems to be getting better.

Anyone had a similar injury?

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My hubby did the same thing last year slipping on the ice. He suffered with discomfort for quite some time. I think as long as you are not in pain while running it's ok.


I had that a few years back, kept playing up on and off for months, but it was sitting down that really hurt, apart from that it was ok after about a week or so...


I fell playing roller derby and it was the most painful thing I have ever done! I waited a week or so before I tried running but I did find it uncomfortable so had to stop. Think it was another week before I went out again but see what is right for you.

The sitting down pain lasted for months!


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