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Who needs a health farm? Just had my own mud bath for free

Home, fed the cat, changed and out in 10 mins tonight as wanted to do my w7r2 on the same trails as Sunday's run before it got too dark.

After my 5 min warm up and a couple of minutes on the road I got onto the first track, a bit muddy but OK. It was when I turned onto the next track the fun began tying to find dry bits. My shoes changed colour as I slipped into a puddle or two (new shoes for Christmas methinks). As I am a 'mouth breather' and there were lots of midges around, I got plenty of protein to keep me going!

It was the third trail that did for me. It's long stretches of mud and deep puddles with narrow ledges on the side. Guess who chose the wrong side? My side had sloping edges and disappeared at one point forcing a graceful, gazelle-like leap across to the next bit. That graceful leap? developed into a lurch,slip and bump into puddle and mud. As I was wearing a flourescent yellow jacket, dark trousers and once white shoes, I was now wearing passable camouflage. At this point, naturally, I was the furthest point from home and plastered in what I hoped was only mud (there's plenty of horses and dogs around here).

Where do all the people come from all of a sudden? What had been just me and the mud became, a couple of hundred yards later, me providing amusement for a good part of the local popluation. The mud must have smelt interesting as several of the dogs being exercised thought I was worth running alongside for a better look/sniff.

If I'd have been a dog I would have been hosed down outside before being allowed in the house. As it was me, I stripped off as far as was decent outside and made a dash for the bathroom.

The good news is that I was out for 36mins and did 5.41km.

Thursday's run? It won't be this one that's for sure.

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Yes, well, just think how deadly boring it would be without any mud, midgies, puddles, stones, conkers, dead rats, fallen trees, passing dogs and passers-by... :D

Thanks for a good laugh, and don't worry, you're not alone! My woods are no better... sometimes I wish I could film me hopping and skipping over and through the muddy bits!

Have fun next time too! :-)


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