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Mission Impossible?..... Not any more it's not!

Wow,what a high.... nope, nothing illegal, just the fact that I have completed week 8 (hip hip hooray) and only another 3 runs to go until my shiny green badge (as long as the cold that I can feel coming, doesn't!) It's been one heck of a journey, good times and bad, knowing that others have been through the same problems, and that everyone here is willing to cheer you up, no matter how bad they feel. I've said it before, but I will definitely keep thanking all of you here :) 8 weeks ago I had difficulty running for two minutes, now I can run for 28 minutes (and probably the 30 but I'm sticking to the programme), and even better I can run 5K :) I know I've still got a lot to learn about pacing myself.... I don't start off as slow as I think I am, which shows by the half-way mark, but I'll get there. Listen to me waffling on, no wonder the house is empty, I can't shut up, I just feel great.... Okay, enough now! :p

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Well done! I start week 8 tomorrow - after repeating week 7. Thank you for posting this and motivating me to keep going and moving up to the wk 8 runs. :-)

AND You Can Run 5K. That's fantastic!! You deserve to feel great.


Thank you, and keep going, it is so worth it :)




Into the last week - sounds like a great feeling - well done

I am a week behind you - keep dragging us along please :-)


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