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Week 6, run 1 - failed

Well after a week off to recover from a piriformis injury, I set off today to pick up where I left off with week 6 run 1. I failed miserably :-(

During the warm up walk I could feel my piriformis muscle in my butt and that's when the gremlins came out to play ! I managed the first 5 minute run ok ( it was not effortless though!) during the next 8 minutes I had to stop after about 5 mins but after 30 seconds I started up again. The last 5 minutes I only managed to run for 2.5 mins!!

Once I started to run my piriformis was not an issue at all, it was basically down to my legs feeling like 10 tonne weights :-(

I'm gutted, I was doing so well before getting injured. Those pesky gremlins really got to me today. I'm sure I could put todays bad run down to loads of reason (confidence after injury, running later in the morning due to being off work etc etc )

I think I'm going to go back to week 5 and start again on my next run. It will mean running without Laura as I'm having the same issue as others with iTunes!

Wish me luck people, I think I'm going to need it!

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I'm so sorry to hear this Clare. It really is 'mind over legs' I think after an injury though I'm glad the piriformis seems to be getting better. I can still feel mine a bit though more when I walk than run..... I have been doing the exercises and also using arnica gel (SBC brand recomended on this site) and it really seems to help ease the ache.

It is frustrating to have to go back a week but maybe its for the best so you can ease yourself back into it slowly and your legs will start flying again! The other possibility is that it was just a bad-run day, which we all get, when legs feel heavy and tired and its really hard going and you may be fine if you tried it again. Whichever you decide, kick those gremlins into touch......

Wishing you lots of luck on your next run; you can beat this!! Sue x


Welcome back Clare - sorry to hear it wasn't a good run day.

Maybe it was just a "one off" due to all the reasons you've listed or maybe it is a mental thing that you expected a difficult run (I know I can talk myself into them!!!)

I am not "experienced" enough on this programme to tell you what is best to do on coming back after injury (maybe a step back might be better than struggling - I don't know!) - I am sure others will have much better advice - but it wasn't a fail, it was a valliant attempt to get back "on track" (a fail would have been not doing it!!)

You'll soon be back into your stride - don't get down about it, as Sue says above, kick those Gremlins into touch & good luck on your next run


Thanks guys, I'm feeling more positive now. I've pulled together a Playlist ready for my next run. OH has been supportive too by telling me that 7 weeks ago I could barely run 60 seconds :-) I've also given myself a good talking to and decided not to see today's run as a failed attempt at W6R1 but as a gentle re-introduction to C25K.

I've been reading other blogs about week 6 too which has helped :-)


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