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Week final run of the c25k tomorrow!!!

Can't believe I have reached this point...seems to have arrived so quickly and I don't know if I actually AM fitter, but I now am running for 30 mins (ok not covering 5k during the run yet, but I hope I am not the only one fally short of the 5k...but I am if I include the warm up).

Have booked myself in for a 5k charity run in a couple of weeks, toying with a 10k in the future, maybe more.

The last run was hard, nearly came back in the first 5 minutes, then found I was feeling tired after 10 minutes so slowed down a bit and finished feeling tired but good and with a personal best in terms of speed and distance covered. I still find myself wondering why on earth I am doing this to myself DURING a run, but the post-run sense of satisfaction is well worth the effort. Hopefully graduating tomorrow..oh my goodness. The plan really DOES work.

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Well done, Chipstick! This programme IS amazing, isn't it? Don't worry about the 5k, Laura said in the intro to W1R1 that you will be able to run for 30 minutes or 5k, so you will graduate! Lots of us don't manage to do the actual 5k of running till after graduation (it took me 4 and a bit weeks). But every run you do is building towards that from now on. Hope you enjoy your graduation run (today?) - will be looking out for your shiny grad badge! (and maybe a graduation blog?). Best of luck!


well done Chipstick! Enjoy your graduation run


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