Week 3 Run 2 :-)

Week 3 Run 2 :-)

I did my 2nd run of week 3 this morning , and It felt amazing!! I know that I have a long way to go but I DO feel as if i'll get there with the help of Laura :-) I have run in the past but have always considered myself a lazy runner, just walking 'because I felt like it' so therefor no pattern or progression to my running. I am determined to actually run a 5k and then a 10k without stopping for a walk 'just because I can' and not because I really need to. I am also hoping that this will help my weight to drop a bit and to get me back on track with my Type 2 diabetes. Are there any other type 2 runners out there ?? . I have to say that I really am enjoying my runs so far . I'm guessing that I will really have to step up the pace in week 4 ??


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  • Well done, kazzers!! The running is a wonderful thing, but getting your diabetes back on track is just as wonderful!! It sounds like you are after a bit of a lifestyle change! Good for you!!

    I was a bit concerned with your last sentence, though!! If you are successfully completing each run now, I would be very careful of how much I stepped up my pace. Remember, it is much more important to complete every run, than it is to complete it quickly!! If you feel that there is always a bit left after each run, then you may have a bit of pace to pick up, otherwise, be careful that you don't run so fast that you can't complete a run properly!

    Keep Running!!!

  • smhall is bang on, don't go for pace over time. Just listen to Laura and stick to the plan, you will soon learn when you have a bit more to give. I am not a fast runner, but I always sprint or at least pick up the pace a little (depending on how I'm feeling) for the last 30 seconds or so, sometimes for the last 60 seconds. I'd rather do that and finish on a high, than run out of steam just before the end of my running time due to running too fast throughout.

    Believe me, you will get there much faster than you think, its a great programme and it does seem to whizz by.

    Good luck with the weight loss. The cardio fitness will help you counter some of the diabetes side effects in the meantime, so what you are doing is already having a positive impact on your health. Well done, keep it up :-)

  • Hey Thank you smhall and vixiej , I didn't explain myself very clearly , It was more of an ....... 'Eeek i will probably need to step up my pace for week four' !! But I do take on board what you say though. I will take care to do it properly :-)

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