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Dreams do come true!!!!

At the risk of sounding insane.. i had a dream i managed to run my W8 run easily and was enjoying it very much.I woke so pleased with myself and that feeling has been in the back of my mind since then.. Now i have been struggling with W8 for 2 weeks now..Today (in my new Aldi running top) i started out and just RAN!!!! Although had to stop once to tie laces.. It's the weirdest feeling because even as i type it i'm thinking if i was reading it i'd be thinking i was nuts.. But i'm wondering if it's my brain finally overcoming the hurdle that seemed to have had with this week!.. Bring on Week 9

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Congratulations! Well done - the power of an Aldi top!!!

I think our brains have a lot to answer for. As I've written elsewhere, on Friday afternoon, I restarted my w6r3 after stopping 10mins into the run. I began again with the 5 min warm up and went on to complete the run. The reason for doing that was that I was sure everytime I got to that point on that route my brain would make me stop. Did a different route this morning though - not ready to test the theory!

Good luck for w9


I seemed to have a problem with W8 as well, that extra couple of minutes on top of W7 was a killer, but then I flew through W9 and added extra minutes. Enjoy your dream and enjoy W9. You'll be graduating soon!


Marvelously done!! I think that you are so very correct!! As we progress farther into the program, it becomes more about our brains ability to complete the runs!! You body is ready for W9...and now your brain is, too!!! Keep running and get your polishing rag out,,,you are very close to a shiny green badge!!


That's definitely mind over matter, well done. There is a saying I like. Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right!


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