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Back from W2R3

Hi all,

So I just returned from the third run of week 2. Had a horrible cold/ sore throat over the weekend so was in two minds whether to go today, but want to start W3 tomorrow. Run was good, first segment I always struggle and then halfway through I am feeling better - it's still tough but a little easier. My strides are much greater now than W1. I still struggle with the breathing a little, and even with Laura's advice I don't find it helps!

Looking forward to W3 but I still get so scared when I think of running for 30 mins straight - Arghhhhh!!!!!!! Especially when I find running 90 secs tough!

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Well done! You'll probaby find your breathing sorts itself out as you progress through this brilliant course. I think w4 is when it seems to'click' for most people. As long as you DO keep breathing, you'll be fine :-)

Don't worry about running 30 mins - just think about the podcast and by the time you get to 30mins you will be well prepared. As is the mantra here "Trust the Programme, Trust Laura"

I started week 7 this morning so not there yet, but it is almost in sight.


Brilliantly said, Annie!!


I would love to say more, but AnnieW55 said everything brilliantly!!!!!

Keep Running...and Keep Breathing!!! :-)


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