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Ow -my ankle!

It's my own fault I know. I should have had a rest day like Laura said and I should have taken notice of the little niggle in my ankle. But no! I just wanted to get on and get W5R3 done. I was eager to give it a go and ignored all the things that said I shouldn't including my other half who said if your ankle is sore perhaps you shouldn't go. I don't like to admit he was right but he was!

I managed about 7 minutes before I thought I ought to stop but still decided I would run back (slowly and painfully) to the starting point and do my five minute walk from there. I did do it but it hurt! So I ran about 14 minutes in total today - disappointed because I really wanted to get that 20. As I was limping home another running passed me making me even more dejected.

Well I'm going to see how it feels on Tuesday and have a go if it feels ok, if not I'll just have to give it a few more days and perhaps repeat week 5 again from the beginning. Feeling a bit fed up and sorry for myself now. :-(

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What rotten luck, vikicats! Hopefully a couple of days rest and you'll be out there finishing off week 5. Good luck.


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