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Finally Back On Track

Went off on my hols at the end of August so didn't run for 2 weeks while away. Came back ran for a week and then pulled a calf muscle - rested for a week. Started running again - calf muscle went again (very frustrated by this time) - rested for 2 weeks this time. Had a small trial run (2 miles) to ensure calf was ok. Been busy kids, work etc. so haven't been out since although have done a couple of 5 mile walks. This morning however I got up put my gear on (it was a cold one and nearly turned round and went back into the nice warm house) and went out and did my first 5k since the middle of August. I am over joyed that my calf is now repaired and I can get out and run properly after 8 weeks of fits and starts.

Just to spur me on and keep me motivated on Thursday I am going to join the running club.

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Well done, morningglory! Impressive how you have persevered. I think I might have given up if faced with your calf muscle problems. Good luck for your next run.


Well done-Ive just been through something similar but have had to start from scratch to test out my knees and then build up my stamina again. Just take it easy the first few times as when I first came back i ran a couple of 5ks and my knees went again-hence back to the start after more rest! Back on my own condensed C25K version to try to get back upto 5k. Good luck.


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