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Week Four- over and out!

I have struggled this week! 5 minutes seemed to be never ending. However, I took week four out for a 4th time this morning just to see if another try would help, and it did. My posture has really improved this week- it had to! I'm no longer looking at my feet, it's shoulders back and eyes on the horizon all the way! I am already dreading the 20 minute run at the end of next week but I'm not ready to give up yet!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

S x

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Good for you Samia! Keep at it, you can do it! Don't worry about W5R3, by the time you get there you will be ready for it!

Trust Laura, the programme and yourself!


truly, have faith. When the time comes for the 20 minutes you will be ready. Trust in Laura and yourself.


Marvelously done, Samla!!! You are doing it!!!

I have to echo what the others have said, don't worry about will be ready for it!! It is more of a mental challenge than it is a physical one. You will be ready for it!!!

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Keep Running!!


Thank you everyone. I found W5R1 easier than week 4 ironically. I'm going out for R2 tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well this week. x x


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