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The pensioners keep me going

as they run past me in the other direction they always smile. This morning nervously doing my 5 min warm up walk in the park it was a woman who must have been in her 70s. She was running along at a nice gentle, steady pace looking far less puffed than I sometimes do!

How could I give up after that - she could obviously run for more than 8 minutes.

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Its about mind over matter. If your body doesn't mind then age doesn't matter ;)


You are doing brilliantly, well done, and before long you will see you get less puffed and can challenge yourself even more, and other runners will look at you in admiration too!


Keep up the great running and you will be the inspiration for others before you know it. Well done!


Hi parkbirdy, Age is not the thing that makes you old it's an attitude of mind, from this 73 year old Graduate. :-) Pat.


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