IT have waved their magic wand - super fast site this morning for me, are you finding the same?

Well I don't know what IT have done but I signed in this morning and reached for my cup of tea resigned to wait 2-3 minutes while I hopefully got a connection, but NO I was into the site in seconds.

Now I'm a great believer these days in having a polite grumble if something is not working as it should but I also believe that you should say thank you for a job well done. So to our wonderful site IT staff who ever you are, a bg THANK YOU, I for one am a happy bunny this morning :)

4 Replies

  • Yep :) So far so good!

  • Yup, is much faster this morning, thank you IT person!

  • Ysthnxnoprobstody :O

  • Yes, all back to normal thank goodness! Thank you IT people!

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