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W8R2 done: hurrah!

Oh, that was hard work, but it still gets better. I did my second W8 run tonight after the rain scuppered things last night (I know, what a softie I am). And, amazingly, I managed another 5k but slightly faster again, by 6 seconds, running a total of 5.07 km in 28 minutes. It looked good with two fast km to start but the third and fourth slowed down and I thought it might be too much to expect to get to 5k in the time given. But with the last km passing my house I thought I would push myself a bit more and see if I could manage it after all. Endomondo let me know I'd got there just before Laura told me to stop. I was so pleased .

I hadn't even really expected this at the start and even into the fourth km I thought 'that there was no need to push it while I tried to consolidate my time and distance. It had already felt like a long week and doing this run on the back of that made me want to 'get through' with Sunday's final W8 run a better opportunity to improve my time. The message? Keep running. Keep plugging away at it. Believe in yourself and you can do it. After all, if I can do this after less than eight weeks and little or no exercise in thirty years, then you can and probably much better.

Thanks as ever to my fellow bloggers. You really help make it happen with all your support and encouragement and motivation.

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Well done, Janda, sounds like you've been we'll and truly bitten by the bug! Good luck.


5.07K in 28 minutes in week 8 – that's a fantastic time. I didn't manage 5k till at least my second run after graduation and then only at 36 minutes! You're a real whizz at this running lark - well done!


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