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W6 r3 very different runs (and a bit)

W6r1 - very apprehensive after reading all the blogs but I think I'm just awkward as it was the best time ever. Weather was lovely, cold, crisp and sunny early last Sunday. I absolutely loved it. So far that's my run of the programme for enjoyment.

W6r2 was going well until I got conceited. I was doing an out and back. The out was all up a long slow incline (old railway track so not steep, just long and rising all the time), so obviously the back was going to be a gradual slope downwards. At the half way point on the way back there was a right turn uphill for a few hundred yards then it would be a pleasant walk into the village. As I had recovered a bit by going down the track I decided to take the turn. Oh boy was that few hundred yards hard! Still I did it and decided discretion would be the better part of valour in future and I'd stick to the easier route. Only....

W6r3 started Ok but couldn't get a rhythm and after 10 mins I couldn't go on and stopped. I started again after a minute only to stop again. I'd failed the run! After I stopped cursing myself and having a think, I realised that as I set out for the warm up I actually thought that maybe I should do more than 5 minutes, sometimes I do need longer, but I hadn't, I'd just done what Laura said and I wasn't really focused on doing it. So I re-set my ipod and did another 5 minute walk, by then I was certainly warm! Then I set myself to run for 25mins and this time I did it! It was hard but no worse than the infamous w5r3. I even took the hill that I thought was too much in r2!

Going to put my feet up now.

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Wow, good for you for sticking in and getting it well and truly done! Sounds like some gremlins on your shoulder but you shook them off! It's so comforting to hear that other people have doubts but just keep going, it's inspiring! Well done, and keep with it!


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