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Recovery after injury- don't give up

I suffered an ankle injury more than 8-10 weeks ago. I recovered over 4-5 weeks but went back to podcast of week 1 testing the ankle out.

Quickly built back up using the podcast over 3 weeks to week 9. So here I am now a few weeks on and making more progress than before the injury itself.

Started to push the distance a bit on some runs and managed 7.8km today.

So those of you out there recovering from injury, please don't give up hope that you wont get back into the swing of things.

I did and although I am still slow, and listen to my body, I feel I have made good steps/jogs forward since then. Not bad for a 53year old .

keep the faith that you will get back to the runs.

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Really encouraging blog, Burstcouch. :) I've only been out for about 3 weeks, with a knee injury, but it's hard not to feel disappointed when I can manage so much less than I did after I graduated. I feel like I'm back on the program again (maybe I should try that?).

I ran today where I did my l last pre-injury run, which was the most brilliant run. Being able to do so much less today was inevitably a bit disheaterning, but I also reminded myself that the inclines/hills I attempted tackling today (with varying degrees of success) were more than I would have tackled when I was still on c25k. I may not have run for as long (only 19.5 mins, with a couple of breaks for hills) but I tackled terrain I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting during c25k. My legs and lungs weren't quite up to the task today, but I've done it before so I know I can do it again. It's a case of being patient and persevering, just like 'the good old days'. ;)


Thank you thank you thankyou. A really helpful encoouraging blog which is what I needed right now. I have been off from running for a long time now and was starting to panic about loss of will/energy/ability to run.

Well done to you for getting back out there and building it up sensibly and thank you again for sharing your experience.


Glad to here you've bounce back, great blog. I dread getting injured as i am afraid I will revert to guzzling lazy mare mode, will keep this in mind x


Thanks for posting this Burstcouch, so glad you are better. It gives me hope for my ankle injury.


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