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Panic Over - Foot Fine - Week 8 started in style

Well after the panic last night when I didn't think I'd be able to run for a while, as I had the day off today I decided this afternoon that I would go out for the warm up walk at least, then if I felt in pain or uncomfortable, I could just walk home and rest for another day. I am so glad I went out, not only was there no pain or strange feeling, (so I can't have injured it too much), but I ran a nicer route, one that I wouldn't run in the dark or at night, and I completed the 28 minutes with no problems. It was a more even run, slower than week 7, but better for me.....AND, the best bit of all, I ran for 28:05 and completed 5K :) I didn't expect that so now I am on a real high, hopefully I can keep this going. I'm going to say it again, and you must be bored with hearing it, but a BIG Thank You to all of you who have kept me going, through the good times and bad.

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Great going eshaz!!!!!! 28 minutes! AWESOME! :-)


Thank you, scary though, the only way to go is down???


That's brilliant news, well done, and no, the only way to go is . . .forward!


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