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My first full 5k in months!

Just completed my first full 5k for several months. I have recently just kept to the speed runs on the c25k+, finding the long runs just a bit tedious and over exhausting.

When I have done them I have tended to just stop when I actually hit the half hour.

Today i was planning on doing another speed run, the nice short interval. I hadnt ran for about a week. But I felt I could push my base up to 9kph instead of 8.5kph, with a 1% incline.

I started the warm up, and then ran for five minutes at 9kph. It seemed comfortable though, so about 4:45 into the first five minute segment i changed plan and decided to run for thirty minutes instead. I havent ran for thirty minutes for some time. I felt good.

Adjusted my timers and just carried on. My heart rate seemed steady at 162, about twenty minutes in it had creeped up to about 166, but I was good. 9kph steady.

I finally was getting towards the thirty minutes. Worked out in my head that 9kph for thirty minutes = 4.5km in total. I felt i had the extra few minutes needed to get the extra half a km.

I hit thirty minutes and decided I was going to knock that speed up until i got the treadmill to 5km. Upped it to 11kph, then to 12kph, then 12.5kph, and when i realised i was not going to be able to maintain the run for much longer i dropped it back down to 10kph right at the end.

Anyway my final time was 5km in 32min and 33seconds

Easily my best time, probably by about five minutes LOL.

It seems a lot easier to run when you are hundred pounds lighter !

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What a great run you've had, Gazter. I would agree about running being so much better when you're not carrying extra weight. You must be running on a treadmill? I've never tried that but might have to over the winter at some point. Good luck for your next goal.


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