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Well i am very happy to say that I have completed week 4.....been doing this for 4 weeks....HOO HAA....cant believe I have stuck to it, thanks for all your support and reading all your blogs has really helped me. I had major pain on both front shins and foot pain on the top of both feet from about week 2 onwards, I was getting a bit worried as I thought it might hold me back but just this week on my second run the shin pain and foot pain disappeared, could it have been my muscles just screaming due to all this new activity ?? I hope its all behind me, my breathing is not so all over the place now too which is good, I dont seem to be gasping for breath so much now. Laura spoke this week about stitch pain but I didnt have any only some groin pain on the 2nd half of the podcast, is it just my old body letting me know its not happy ? I am fine on the 1st part of the run but doing the last 5 minute run I seem to get this groin pain I only hope it doesnt happen every time as I think week 5 steps up quite a bit. Hope everyone is goin good and having great runs.....xx

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Sounds like its all coming together for you, Pinkus! Good for you for pushing through and good luck for the rest of the programme.


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