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Slippy footpaths ???

I was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice as to what to do about running on footpaths now it's getting a bit slippy underfoot. I've seen spikes for running off road and track running but don't know if there is anything to help on a footpath? I'm not planning on running if it's really icy but i would like to still be able to get out if it's just wet/ leaf litter on the floor. Also what does everyone do about snow, i'd think nothing of walking in it but is it safe to run in it if it's not too bad?. Sorry if these questions sound a bit daft but i really have no idea as to what is the best thing to do, and i can't use a treadmill as i go really dizzy. Thanks

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When your usual footpath / route is particularly slippery with mud, rain, leaves, or ice, I'd concentrate on slow distance running. Speed work can stay for another day. For the long run, just plan on clocking the kilometres, and making it back without getting hurt.

If you think you'll do a lot of snow running, you may want to think about buying trail running shoes, which are somewhat water-proof (some have Goretex linings) and will give you a little more traction in the snow.

For extra traction when running on hard-packed snow and ice you can use spikes or chains that fit on your shoes. The spikes are walkers' versions of climbing crampons. Chains are like snow chains for car wheels!

Kahtoola is a popular brand of microspikes that you'll see in many outdoor gears shops:

Yaktrax (chains) are a cheaper option:


I agree about the slippy paths, if its just wet leaves etc go to slow jogging, its better than risking damaged bones. But I'm looking forward to snow then I'll put on my spikes bought last year from Sports Direct cost less than £10 and what fun I had wearing them. Up through the forest tracks they were brilliant. You have to watch though wearing them on bare tar/concrete etc as you would soon wear them down and ruin them. I just put mine over an old pair of trainers, no great speed achieved but I ran for miles last December and the wild life I saw was amazing, Roe deer, fox, and the birds kept me company in the early mornings. Its one of my really fond memories of winter running.


Snow running is Brill I did some of that through Swinley Forest last year. Went early and we pit down the first footprints. Brilliant fun.

Snow was only up to about 6 or 7 inches but the best day!


Thankyou, i'm glad it's not just me that likes the idea of running in the snow. I already love walking in it so i can't see me not liking running in it (o: Great advice as always, i shall be looking into getting some thing to help in the next couple of days. Thankyou so much for your help x


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