Exactly How International is our wonderful Community???

I'm noticing people talking about living in all sorts of lands. This has led me to wonder how far and wide is the reach of NHS' wonderful C25K? I'm also a Brit living away (Oz - 9 years and now Austria - 4 years). What are your stories? How many lands are enjoying the benefits of C25K? I'd love to hear people's stories and where we are all from...


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  • Smhall and myself are located in a small Kansas town in the U.S.A. When we decided to start C25K, I browsed the net looking for a forum and happened on to this one. INSTANTLY there was an attraction to this great community. I love it here! You mentioned Oz, do you mean Kansas?

  • Hi Gdeann, no Oz being slang for Australia - sorry :-) !!! So did you not realise at once C25K had a forum? I certainly didn't - it was a lovely suprise :-). So are you Brits living in the US or US born and bred?

  • ::waving:: hello, I'm another Kansan checking in. This is indeed a great community and a great programme!

  • I live in Georgia in the US. Graduated last week from the C25K and had a personal record in a 5K on Saturday. ( 40:08) Now, trying to train outside. I did drop back to the 6WR1 this week increasing my speed and using HILLS on the treadmill. I love this community! It's so nice to check in and get some inspiration from others...especially love the language. I walked off the track this week after a frustrating run outside and I thought " Oh thats what they mean when they say " the gremlins" " those gremlins got me that day!

  • Hi Julier - sounds like you're doing great guns over there in Georgia :-). Let's hope those gremlins don't get inside your treadmill; they have a tendency to breed LOL :-) !!!

  • I'm a British ex-pat and I've lived in northern Italy for the last 30 years. I travel a lot for my job, but so far have only run in Germany -- as well as locally, of course -- because I broke my wrist before starting Week 7. But I'm back on track and will soon be running in Berkshire, London and Belfast.

  • Hi DeliaItaly - and so you speaka da lingo?? When we decided to leave Australia we ummed and aaahed about Italy, Spain or Austria but my wonderful man would have been driven mad by the manana mentality so ... Austria it was. But my Grandparents lived in Venice soooo I still have a hankering.... Ooooh, I broke my wrist during my first bike ride in Vienna - God I sympathise.. boy did it take time to heal. Good luck with the ol' blighty runs :-)

  • Thanks psarapsych! Yeah, I speaka several lingos. Lived in NZ for a bit in 2008 and I love Austria, which is only really a few hours drive away -- love the cakes ;-)

  • West Sussex UK. Currently on wk 8, but having a bit of a break until knee is fit enough to get moving again. Its great hearing everyone's story on here, and the support is brilliant - a personal trainer at your finger tips!

  • Hi again Caro... how's the cold shower/arnica going??? I just discovered the comfort of good running knee supports. When your knee is fitter perhaps or do you already use them?? I love West Sussex - a dear friend of mine lives there, it's a world of its own - or so it seems :-). Good luck and hope it all gets better soon..

  • Getting there slowly, not run since Sunday, but may have a gentle go o the treadmill over the weekend to see how things go. Did get a knee support, but was not big enough, and made things even worse! Need to look out for a good one me thinks...

  • I am uk base but in the early days I did run in Luxembourg when I was away for work

  • Hi AliB1 - never been to Luxembourg. I gather it's really beautiful. Hope you have somewhere lovely to run in the UK... :-)

  • I am uk base but in the early days I did run in Luxembourg when I was away for work

  • I am uk base but in the early days I did run in Luxembourg when I was away for work

  • I am uk base but in the early days I did run in Luxembourg when I was away for work

  • Oops computer error means its posted 4 times!

  • I'm in the UK, in Kent.

    I loved you tip about cold shower on sore knees, I've been doing the cold water bit but not the arnica gel yet. My knees recovered quickly from Tuesdays run, after the cold shower treatment.

  • Hi BJ - pleased it's helping :-). Slowly slowly but surely! My parents live on the Kent coast in walmer near deal. Beautiful place :-)

  • I am in Canada - Toronto. I am so impressed with the online services provided by the NHS. Like gdeann I found the site while browsing the internet. One of the best things I have done for myself lately!

  • Hi Kartor - have just got my yaktrax pro for snow running. What d'you do over there in all that snow??

  • I'm originally from Germany, but have been living in the UK for over 10 years now (with a year in France thrown in before that). Just come back from a couple of days back in Germany, so managed to log a German run on the Garmin - definitely the hilliest one I've ever done! :-)

  • Grüß Gott Tantrumbean!! Mein Deutsch ist ganz schlecht aber wir wohnen in Österreich deshalb muß ich mich mit meinem Deutsch bemühen!!! Schriftliches Deutsch ist so schwer und so Sie müßen mich entschuldigen bitte :-). Dein Englisch ist perfekt. Ich wünsche daß ich so güte Deutsch als dein Englisch reden könnte. Alles liebe und viel glück!

  • Hehe! Nothing wrong with your German parapsych - and it is supposed to be much harder than English, so you are doing well! :-) What's it like running in hilly Austria?

  • I live in Hampshire, but work as cabin crew, so might be coming to run in a town near you!

  • Hi Slater, you absolutely HAVE to let me know when and we can do a run together - it would be great to catch up with other C25Kers :-)

  • Hiya I am in Australia, just love love love this site, there is nothing like it over here, I was just googling one day and stumbled on this site and read all about the C25K and decided it was just what I needed to get me going again, I have just completed W4 and look forward to starting W5 on monday. I live near the beach and do my runs along the beachfront early mornings, I just love reading all the bloggers and where they run, some run in forests its so interesting reading them all. We are halfway through out spring weather now and soon will be coming into summer where we get the hot aussie weather so not sure how I will go running in the heat. Well it was very nice to say hello to you xxx

  • Hi Pinkus and G'day to you :-)... we lived for 9 years in WA - first in Fremantle where I used to walk every morning along Port Beach but then 7 years up in the Eastern Hills above Perth (much cooler). Which side are you on?? Are you true blue dinky di Ozzie or a blow in? Hey I'm starting W5 tomorrow so it's good to know someone else is at the same point - let me know how you go. I don't tend to listen ahead so not really sure what we're up for but I've read elsewhere here that after W5, W6 can be quite difficult so let's swap notes... Ooooh I remember the turning to Summer and used to dread it as it started getting a lot hotter in the latter years of our sojourn. My husband was born in Oz so he had a built in immunity to the heat!!!

  • Hi psarapsych I am located in Adelaide, South Australia and I live near the beach so my running is along the path but I have taken to actually running on the road as I find the road surface softer on my feet. Freemantle is lovely been to Perth only once and loved it. I am a true blue ozzie bird 52 years old in fact and just love this site, discovered it by accident funny eh...Yes not looking forward to the summer but its been overcast here for the last few days which is excellent running weather as I heat up quickly and I am to start Week 5 on monday so hope I go ok..let me know how you go on your first run for the week. Its the weekend here saturday morning and my husband has gone into work for a couple of hours so thought I would check out the posts, well going in for a coffee now....good luck with week 5 xxx

  • Hi Pinkus - just reporting back on W5R1... I found it quite disappointing to finish so quickly. 3 x 5 minute runs with 3 min walks in between didn't feel as much running as other weeks BUT... I believe R2 is two lots of 8 minutes so that'll be an interesting challenge to my disappointment and "is that all" comments!!!!

  • Greetings from Greece. I live in the Northern part and I loved summer runs on sand by the beach but now I am back to base so no beach for me. It's getting colder and I run in a park. I 've lived in Luton, UK for 4 years and I am currently thinking of finding a nice Carribean island to move to. I am in W8R1 but I've taking it rather slow so it has spread over 3 months.

  • Hey Kitcherella, let me know which Carribbean Island - how lovely. Years ago my family lived in Trinidad & Tobago. When I was there I spent a week on a tiny undiscovered Grenadine Island called Carriacou. There were no hotels but you could take a room at a missionary there. I wonder if it is still so pristine... Go for it and let us know so we can celebrate with you :-)

  • Hi ! i am italian but lived in Dubai for the past 17 years with a short 15 months break back in Italy during the 2011 for a bit of a fresh air. However -13 was too much to bear so we are back in Dubai although we still have our apartment in North Italy ( lake of Como) where we go for holiday !

  • Soniarota - HOW DO YOU COPE WITH THE DRIVING IN DUBAI?!?!?!?!? Stopped over on way back to UK from Oz one year and I was terrified!!!! They're completely MAD!! Mind you, my Sister lived in Rome for a few years and she had learned how to drive Italian style which was also pretty hairy - I kept my eyes closed!! What a lovely change to have Lake Como to retreat to :-). Looking forward to the mad winter temps here in Austria - last year we got to -20. As long as it snows I'm happy :-)

  • I've lived in Switzerland for 30-odd years now, originally from Scotland. I run round woods beside a beautiful lake so it's flattish though the hill back to my house is murderous... but then a cool-down walk is absolutely essential, isn't it?!?

    Planning a visit to the uk later in the year when I hope to run in England and in Scotland too :-)

  • Hi again Mitts :-)... I guess you speak wonderful German/French/Italian??? Battling with Austrian German at the moment. Hmmmm... hill running is something I'm going to have to deal with at some point if I want to really run - they all run up and down the mountains here - not content with running on the straight!! so it's a bit of a challenge if I want to consider myself a real runner in these 'ere parts!!! WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT SNOW RUNNING? I've just bought myself some Yaktrax Pro - really ambitious given I'm completely new to running!

  • I speak Swiss-German... can sympathize with the Austrian dialect, Viennese esp. is grim :O

    I'm planning to join a gym in winter... wimpish, I know... sorry! :-)

  • Swiss-German is foreign! I watched some programme on the travel channel a while ago, and it took me ages to work out that they were actually speaking German - still only got about a quarter of what they were saying!

  • I know, it's awful to learn because there's no written language, it's a spoken-only dialect. Like broad Yorkshire combined with

    thick Glaswegian... very useful when you're visiting some non-Swiss place and want to say something that you don't want the people round about to understand... :D

  • Ahhh Swizze Deutsch - an impossible language!!! We were visiting friends near Winterthur last year and even the numbers were impossible - although we loved 'sexi' and 'twelfi'!! Yep, Viennese Deutsch is an awful dialect but, in general, I find Austrian Deutsch far more musical and interesting to listen to than German Deutsch. A gym - hmmm - oh well I'll just have to go and be mad on my own. I think I'll have to drum up some snow running support :-)!!

  • I am in Ottawa, Canada. My mum is british so I still have family in the UK. I am so happy to have found this wonderful site!

  • Hi Canuckgirl - yes, once you have roots in ol' blighty they're always there I find, no matter how far away you live or distanced by parents' emmigration. The site IS great isn't it :-)... How will you be coping during the snow?? I'm thinking of getting a winter running support group going...

  • I have not yet run in the snow but I am trying to figure out ahead of time how I will cope. Apparently people just run in their regular shoes (I guess you get a new pair in the spring?!) and put yaktrax on them.

    Some winters we don't have a lot of snow and of course some years we have lots - I am a bit worried but we have an old treadmill in the basement that I could use if worse comes to worse.

    I also bought a buff at swanscotts recommendation - the cold worries me as much as the snow and this will help with breathing (I am a mouth breather when running)

    I welcome and ideas/strategies for winter running!

  • Ok Canuckgirl, I'll get a question going later and see if we can get a snow running Support group going :-)! Have to dash now but catch you later ...

  • I'm welsh living in Scotland (mother welsh, father true cockney) husband scottish so I'm a real Heinz 57 variety. We have terrible rain and flooding here today, just 18 miles south of Aberdeen. Stay safe everyone in the areas hit. Smashing reading everyone's post and getting to know where everyone is from and living now.

  • Hi again Oldgirl :-) - hey all that damp ain't gonna treat your joints well - keep them warm (I gather goose fat's quite good :-)!!!! LOL ). All the flooding is so awful and people's homes have been so damaged - it must be so disheartening. Hope you keep dry and it might be worth investing in some Yaktrax Pro (make sure they're Pro) to clip onto your trainers to keep you from slipping in all that damp. Go carefully up there :-)

  • Hi there, I'm Scottish living in Galloway in South West Scotland. My biggest challenge to outdoor running is horizontal rain and kamikaze midges that stick in my lip balm! Yuck! We're lucky to have access to some lovely woods, beaches and tracks that are fairly quiet as well as some nice undulations (I'm not usually calling them that when I'm trying to run up one!). Good question, psarapsych!

  • Hey thanks Oona :-). God those midges in Scotland, they are something aren't they? They must have the same conditions on the South Island in New Zealand 'cos people I know rub petrol on their skin when they go fishing to repel the pesky things - can't say I'd be enjoying that!!!! Oona, what d'you wear for running in the rain? As I'm very new to all this I'm trying to use what clothing I have but having not experienced rain when running yet I'm not sure what to wear. Do people wear light rain jackets with hoods???? Your running places sound serene even if they're full of the sound of swearing on those 'undulations' :-)!!!!

  • Have managed to avoid the worst of the rain so far but I have a lightweight running/cycling jacket that I intend to wear. Luckily enough our winters are fairly mild in temperature (we have the Gulf Stream to thank for that) so it doesn't get intensely cold like it does in Oldgirl's neck of the woods. I'm reckoning that even if I do get wet I won't get too cold. That's the theory anyway. As to hoods, my jacket doesn't have one but I've heard others talking about peaked caps to keep the rain out of their eyes - might have to invest in one!

  • Okay - peaked caps... but I'm getting the impression that getting wet while running is not something anyone worries about...??? Wet hair wouldn't be too great so a cap sounds like a good idea with, perhaps, a swimming cap underneath :-) LOL !!!!!???!!!!

  • I intend on getting a running cap and a light jacket. I have a friend who is a runner and she can't stand anything that is at all waterproof as she gets too hot.

    I tend to get hot when I run so I am going to try this route (even through winter) and just change the base layers. gulp!

  • Hello! I'm English living in Wales. There are some beautiful locations near me but I don't drive and the other half is not showing much inclination to get out of bed early and drive me somewhere lovely to run (no idea why ;)) so I'm stuck with a local park and old railway track and a 1k lap of my local streets which have been quite the lifesaver in all this horrible weather we've been having. Hoping to run elsewhere soon though :)

  • Hi Fraz - that's interesting you should mention driving to other locations to run... I live in Austria and the road outside my front door is a very rural country road BUT, no matter how lovely the view, a bit of variety really helps. Problem is that it then adds extra time to the run and I get so absorbed in the 'beautiful location' and find myself adding extra time (a no-no I know!!!) and 30 minutes or so + shower + breakfast suddenly becomes a major operation . Soooo... I'm rationing my drives to the river etc. I'll think of you on your railway track while I stay on my usual track :-)

  • Hi. I am originally from South Africa but moved to UK in 1997. Going to SA for Christmas and can't wait to run on the beach. Been wanting to do that for many years, and now at 40 I can call myself a runner thanks to c25k. Hubby's already worked it out that I'll do the 3+3k run to the little beach cafe to get the paper each morning!

  • Hi runsusyrun... it's great reading everyone's moving experiences ... the Brits off all over the place while others have made their home in the UK - it's just so interesting and makes our wonderful community such a rich one. However I can really see the attraction of your forthcoming paper run :-)!!!! Really looking forward to being able to graduate and be a 'real' runner... Just finished W5R1 so half way there :-).

  • French but living in London, UK since June.

    Wow, this all sounds so dreamy!

    I can just picture a C25K world tour... :)

    @Runsusyrun: Love the "Hubby's already worked it out that I'll do the 3+3k run to the little beach cafe to get the paper each morning!" Sounds like a plan now doesn't it! How fun!

  • I agree Gizelelezig - I'm sure we could all arrange some sort of amazing exchange holidays or C25K running camps in various parts of the world where one of us lives. Hmmm... :-)

  • I'm British but have just moved to Michigan, USA. It definitely helped me start being in a new place and knowing that there was no chance of bumping into anyone I knew when I was running!! The beautiful cycle path behind my apartment building next to the river also helps although the Michigan winters I'll be getting soon probably won't! I've just finished week 5 and although I didn't run very fast (I'm still not convinced I jog that much faster than I walk!!) I can't believe I ran for 20 minutes without stopping, I've literally just found this forum tonight so it's been great reading through a few of your stories :)

  • Hi Michigan... I'm thinking of starting a support thread for those of us facing cold winters - tips and tricks etc. Just about to do W5R2 tomorrow - really looking forward to being let loose on a slightly longer run :-)!! I'm very curious to know... why Michigan??? You don't have to answer tho' as I know there is a level of anonymity that is respected on this site. Hope you find W6 okay - I've been reading a bit about the gremlins that set in after the long 20 minute run in W5. Good luck :-)

  • I am a kiwi living in Switzerland. Found this site through an british expat friend who also lives here

  • Hi Udoit... how are you going to cope with the winter runs (ohh that sounds a bit drastic doesn't it... LOL) - I mean jogging in the snow. I'm in Austria and wondering how I'm going to keep going - no treadmill at home. Hope you're enjoying Switzerland... which language are you speaking mostly? German, French or Italian???

  • I am from South Africa and live about 15 miles south of Inverness, along the shores of Loch Ness. Have just been for a holiday in Campania region, Italy and counted numerous runners tootling along those scary roads - we also started to notice none of them ran up hill but always down hill! I take my hat off to them, those roads are something else!

  • Hi Mietjie - this is such an interesting thread - you're from SA living in Scotland and I've just been reading Jessa's post who is Scottish and living in Spain... really wonderful this global, travelling community :-). Hmmm - I tried a really little incline this morning (where I would normally save it for running down!!!) and boy did it make a difference. I guess when we're trying for the 5k in 30 minutes best to run on the flat first :-)!!! Yes those roads are amazing - we were in the Dolomites last year and trying to avoid the cyclists - unbelievable. I admired them so much, my Partner just kept saying "mad"!!!

  • I'm Scottish but am currently living in the south of Spain as I work in Gibraltar. It is great to see that these NHS podcasts are being used by people globally.

  • Yes, I agree Jessa - the NHS can really take a bow with this programme :-). So, I guess you're not dreading snow running this winter??? I'm in Austria and really determined to get out there but it's lovely autumnal weather at the moment and I can't even imagine what it will be like.... Working in Gibraltar must be interesting. I've only been there once; it's a really interesting place :-)

  • This was a fabulous question Sara, it's amazing how far and wide these podcasts reach... On a separate note, I love Gibraltar, my hubby and I married at the top of the rock August 2011 it was fabulous with spectacular views of Spain, Africa and the horizon.. It was a perfect day :-)

  • How wonderful Jackie, what a lovely idea. Of course now in my head is the question "why the top of the 'rock' ?" - a story in the telling there no doubt :-). It sounds very romantic.

  • I am from Hong Kong. I have been living here for the last couple of years. I have been in Singapore and Malaysia. And I am Bangladeshi by origin. I bumped into C25K when I was browsing internet for running resources. I am now on my Week 8. My wife is in Week 4 btw. We plan to run together when both of us have graduated.

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