Week 6 Run 3 Set back – Knee problems

I was so pleased last week at running for 20 minutes WK5R3 and looking forward to graduating at the end of the month/early November. However, never count your chickens before they are hatched so to speak, I had a slight pain almost like a bruise when you touched it on the left side of my right knee I did WK6R1 on Sunday morning no problems, WK6R2 Wednesday morning knee hurt slightly before I started but it wore off as I did the 5 minutes warm up walk, run was OK as well. Then during the day as I sat at my desk working each time I stood up to walk I could put no weight on my right leg because of pains in my right knee it got progressively worse as the day went on. I don’t think I will be able to do the WK6R3 Friday morning as I don’t want to aggravate my knee. Like most people I suspect I need better running shoes as I run mainly on pavements and hard surface paths. I wanted to wait until I had progressed through the plan to make sure I had the ambition and drive to follow the C25K plan to the end before buying new trainers. I have an old, very rarely used, pair of Reebok classic trainers which are very comfortable so no problems with my feet but I suspect that I need the shock absorbing qualities of modern trainers to protect areas like my knees. Believe it or not I was planning to go this weekend but it looks like mother nature caught me out first. However, reading all the various blogs on where to buy running shoes I think I will try my local Sweatshop store to make sure I get the right shoes for my running style.


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  • Yes, definitely worth investing exwightman and Sweatshop always seem to have some in a sale. They dont try and sell you the most expensive but give you a range of what suits your gait so you can choose freely and with no pressure. If you go for the customised insoles that are shaped to each foot they will cost £45 but again, I think well worth the money as they last ages and can be swapped between shoes. Happy running....and shopping! Oh, and hope the knee is better soon.

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