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Week 2 run 3

I have slightly changed the days I have run this week and think I may have to go back to my usual saturday, monday & wednesday routine. Why you ask? Well tomorrow is normallly weightwatchers at 6pm followed by zumba but there is no zumba for two weeks as instructor is on holiday and it will be too dark at 6.50pm to go running so my dilemma is do I go straight from work or leave it until friday after work (I finish at 5pm)?

Really need to get my run before my weigh in to improve my chances on the scales although I admit I wasnt sure what to expect last week as only did my 3 runs (same as this week) and lost 3lbs .

Is it ok to run up hills so early on - I try to time my session so that I am not running uphill when Laura says its time for your 90secs but it is not always possible - but worry I may be making it hard for myself.

Looked at some running tights in sports direct - dont who they were made for though - a giraffe maybe or someone who runs in high heels not that anyone would! - think I will wait until I have lost another couple of stone first.

Sorry for long blog.

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Re: the hills, it can't hurt to give them a go, it'll prove you can do them and you'll probably feel very proud that you did. Re: the running gear - I found sainsbury's stuff good and they go up to size 20 and do 3/4 length ones so no high heels needed! Well done for the weight loss and the running - 3lbs in one week is great!


Great Ebony! Well done on all counts! As far as hills are concerned, I avoided them as much as possible especially at the beginning. I was worried I'd completely scunner myself if it all got too difficult. Now, W9R3 tomorrow, I do run some long slow hills as its unavoidable once the running time gets longer. Good luck for the rest of the programme!


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