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Pain across shoulders, stretches?

I'm currently on Wk5 and planning to do run 2 tomorrow night after yesterday run 1 of week five I've developed muscle ache across the backs of my shoulders about half way down my shoulder blade. I'm guessing its from swinging my arms whilst jogging I have been doing leg stretches religiously after each run but nothing for my upper body.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone recommend any stretches that might help?

Thanks in advance Allie

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Well done on your progress so far.

I found this article, it might be that you are moving your shoulders too much ?

and here is an idea for stretching that also might help

I had a few aches in my neck when I was doing the first 7 weeks on a treadmill IF I looked down at the timer instead of ahead. And then later when I started increasing the length of my runs (after graduating) eg over an hour running, in my neck and upper shoulders which i realised was because when I started to tire my posture would suffer. I would tense up with the effort of keeping going, looking at the ground instead of ahead,and hunching my shoulders without realising!

So now I actively check my posture every few hundred yards, and relax my shoulders, smile, and try to keep looking ahead and not down and I dont get it any more.

Good luck.


That's great thanks. Reading it and having run tonight i think i do tense my shoulders. I was trying my best not to and my friend recommended some stretches to try and loosen them off so fingers crossed.

On the plus side concerntrating on my arms made the 8 minutes fly by :-)


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