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Running Club - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Running Club - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Tonight I did it, I finally joined a running club after lots of stalled attempts and I'm just wondering why it took me so long.

The group was quite small with quite a range of runners but I was pleased with that as I thought I would have been intimidated with a large group. My aim with running club was to obv. get better at running but also to meet people with similar interests and make friends.

There were two 'streams' of the running club, the newer runners and the experienced runners, each group running a different route. Whilst the leader was talking I was sidling towards the novice side only to be moved firmly back to the fast running group. Whilst laughing outwardly my inner voice was speaking sternly to me about my lack of ability and urging me to move back but ....... 6.3k later and a personal best KM and also the most calories ever burnt in one session and the longest distance ran for and my inner voice is sulking in a corner!!

Running club rocks - I had one of the volunteers run with me, Dave*, who at 69 could out run me and then lap me again. He was so nice and ran at my pace but in a way he made me run faster by encouraging me. He told me to go to a park run and he bet I could run 5km in less than 30 minutes. He said I was quite an advanced runner (laughs!) and I did keep up a pace and also a conversation without panting and gasping for breath. He said this was an indication I could run faster. I was also worried about the distance but as I was chatting I didn't even realise how far we had gone. AMAZING! Am deffo going back next week :D

Sorry for rambling blog but I'm a little high from endorphins.

Happy jogging folks :)

PS Yesterdays blog has appeared twice with different pictures?? I have no idea why :( Anyone else having issues?

*He had never heard of C25K! Seriously how can people run without first doing the podcasts!!

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Sounds like you've found just what you need, enjoy :-) definitely recommend a ParkRun, they are also very friendly


fantastic. sounds like you had a brilliant time :)

love the bit about not being able to run without first doing the podcasts!!



You go girl!


Sounds great! Glad you enjoyed the club its one of the best things I've done....enjoy the runs and made friends. I'd echo Dave's advice re park run they are fun and friendly - good way to meet people there would be by volunteering occassionally.

Happy running :)


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