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Mapmyrun update blip?

I recently got the mapmyrun update (on iphone) and while it looks a bit sleeker and flashier, the calories burnt estimator seems to have gone loopy!

In both my running and cycling today, the readings were much higher than before I had the update (about 50 per exercise session). This seems very odd to me as I cycle the same route twice every day and so know what to expect, usually.

I don't think I was putting much more effort in. Has anyone else experienced this with this update? It is messing with my data logging!

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I don't know about map my run, but I have map my walk and a recent update meant I couldn't open the app at all for 36 hours, then they fixed the bug. Maybe they will fix this one too? I know I was lost without mine. I have recently set it to tell me each 5 minute that pass so I can train but still use my own music. I miss Laura, but I still know how I am getting on timewise, and the 25 min runs of week 7 have passed quicker with my music (no offence Laura!).

Hope they fix it for you soon!


Silly updates! Grr - they usually end up mesing things up! Don't even get me started on the iphone ios6 one!

I set up the funny voice to tell me my progress too by mistake and she (?) talked over Laura - how rude! ;) Glad I found that though, as it will be invaluable next week when I tear myself away from Laura's encouragement. Time to be independent and can't say I'll miss the music much either!


I have been using Maymyrun on my iphone for a few months now and generally it is well behaved, but I do find that I have to reinstall every so often as it won't upload my runs properly. That's not too much of a problem. But I have had issues with getting the height and weight settings to stay put, it seems to cancel out the height or weight each time you enter the other. At one point I weighed 25kg! and then the height was then wrong, so this messes up the calories. It might be worth checking in your profile that the height/weight settings are correct - I had to log in on the PC in the end to get them to set correctly as it wouldn't do it on the iphone.

Hope this helps :-)


Thanks for that, I will have to check those settings and see if that is what is causing it! If only it was just that I had become a calorie buring machine overnight! :)


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