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Next stop - Week 5!

Completed week 4 today. The first two times I completed the runs it was ok. In fact I found that the second half of the run easier than the first. Think that's because I have to run slightly uphill for the first half with the return therefore being downhill. Tonight was hard work. My legs felt like lead and I'm sure Laura tells fibs when she says 1 minute to go! Anyway I managed to carry on and complete it so quite pleased with myself.

Now I have week 5 on the horizon - that's my Friday evening challenge!

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Well done, as someone who did up to week 8 run 1 on a treadmill I really admire you any any others who include going up a hill or a slope at this stage!




Well done. I did my 3rd week 4 run on Tuesday and was ready to start week 5 this morning.

Unfortunately I woke up feeling a bit off colour. Got up and had a little breakfast thinking I'd take my time and run a bit later but by that time I'd realised that actually being vertical was not going to work. Been in bed til after 4pm and now managing to sit on the sofa.

I guess I'll have to leave a couple of clear recovery days before moving on. Hoping it's only a 24 hour virus.


Hope you are feeling better. Going on my run later today so will let you know how I've got on. Take care and hope your run goes ok when you feel up to it.


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