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5K Post Grad run.. hurray

Well, those of those who read my last blog will know how close I came to throwing the whole thing in. But I am pleased to report that today I went out on my virgin post grad 5K run and had a lovely time.

I revisited the some of the same course I ran on Sunday grad run to exorcise it of the bad vibes, and it was fun. But ruddy hard work. I have a penchant for off-roading, but I realised that the route was TOUGH - sandy paths to start - fine, woodland paths leading through muddy bits - getting rougher, a short hill climb and then a track through gorse, brambles and humpy ground which led to a field that had a foots width track across it and another one that was last season ploughed with overgrown trailing weeds that kept catching my ankles!!!!

I must confess it was more of a walk/run kind of run. But I had that lovely glow of achievement back, which is what I missed on Sunday.

Hope all my grad class are having a lovely week running - do keep us updated!!!

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Well done, sounds like fun!


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