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a bumbag & a baseball cap???

well, today I bit the bullet & looked quite silly trying on bumbags in one of the local sports shops.

it has been over 30 years since I wore a baseball cap but now that it rains a bit I have started wearing one. it isnt mine! its borrowed from one of my daughters but it is a little big so I dont get too hot & a lovely shade of girly pink with an england logo/flag on. fetching eh??

I am also now the proud owner of a bumbag. now this I have never worn before but I like to take my "safety blanket" drink with me & find that I am needing my arms to help me push along so a bumbag with 2 drinky bottles is the way to go! luckily I didnt have to get a pink one as they had a plain one.

woohoo, this running larkis great. I'll be wearing running tights next :)

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Doing it in style shelley, and there's nothing wrong with running tights, they fit snug so don't slow you down when its windy like jogging trousers do. They hug the muscles too which give a feeling of support.


Love my running tights. I'm sure their not elegant on my bum but they are so warm and comfy. I have ones that offer extra support too which really helps with my muscle aches.


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