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Running with a buggy

I'm on week 8 of normal (without kids!) running but now its so dark in the mornings and evenings my only option is starting to look like going out with my youngest in the buggy.

Has anyone else got any experience of this? I'm guessing that I will have to go back to week 2 or 3 as at the moment pushing the buggy for short distances at jogging pace is fairly tough.

The buggy is a Maclaren, not a three wheeler (which I have seen people jogging with).

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Hi, I'm on week 7 now and I've done most of my runs with my 14 month old in the pushchair. I ran today and tbh I didn't find it any easier without her. However I have a Quinny Buzz with an off road front wheel which I use for running and a MacLaren for school runs. She still gets jiggled around a fair amount in the quinny though! The hardest thing I think you will find is having 2 handles (if your MacLaren is like mine). I run with one hand on the puschair to steer it, but would find that difficult with two handles. I would probably go along a river towpath to try it out first as the pavements can be quite unforgiving. Bin day is always a nightmare aswell with wheelie bins all over the pavement to navigate around :-/

Good luck.


Thanks, I think I will give it a go next week when the 3 yr old is at preschool.

And I will definitely go back a few weeks to start with and hopefully build back up a bit quicker!


Think my daughter will love it! :D


Hi. I'm on wk4 and for the same reasons as you have done my last two runs with my 5 month old in a maclaren

I've stuck to pavements, and it hasn't been much harder for me than running without. The first time i went out i noticed but that the baby's head seemed to wobbble around a bit , so I put her car seat head rest in at that helped.

I'm now keeping an eye on eBay for a cheap 3 wheeler as that would let me jog on footpaths etc.

Good luck!


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